Monday, May 02, 2005

On the Grid

I recently decided to donate some spare computing resources for scientific research. For computer geeks, grid computing is an interesting topic. Thousands of computers all over the world are used to tackle huge research projects. A small piece of software is installed on your computer. Next, your computer is given its own small portion of work to complete. The results are sent back to the master computer and combined with the results of others around the world to piece together solutions to really big challenges. For example, the World Community Grid is currently working on the Human Proteome Project.

"The Human Proteome Folding project will provide scientists with data that predicts the shape of a very large number of human proteins. These predictions will give scientists the clues they need to identify the biological functions of individual proteins within the human body. With an understanding of how each protein affects human health, scientists can develop new cures for human diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, SARS, and malaria." (

For some, these projects signal an impending Greaaaat Tribulation. Perhaps even the Mark of the Beast. However, those in Cogdom know what the real mark is. Is there a hidden agenda of European domination at work here? What about humans trying to use genetics to cure disease, isn't healing a matter of faith?

Humans working together to solve problems is a major part of daily life for most individuals other than hermits. Even Prophets and Apostles need the effort of countless minions to support their world-saving activities. For mere mortals even flipping burgers at your favourite restaurant involves a whole host of coordinated tasks. Let's face it, humans were made to work together.

The new findings and efforts around genetic research pose an interesting challenge for staunch COGgers. For years the medical establishment has been held in near contempt for being an affront to the healing powers of God. Seeking medical treatment was made a test of faith. Ironically, various leaders chose to seek the services of medical doctors when divine healing was not forthcoming. Those familiar with HWA and the stories surrounding his treatment while berating members for the same will know what I am talking about. From my knowledge no leader has willingly died from refusing treatment. However, two prominent wives have died, Mrs. HWA and Mrs. Flurry. That is a topic for another day. The treatment of women within these organizations.

As science advances, we see no successful effort by a divine being or an earthly representative to stop it. Some say He will--within the next N short years, send a cheque please. It is in the group's own best interest for scientific ignorance to continue. Control is much easier with an ignorant population. Just throw some complex figures in the Philadelphia Trumpet and voila, you have trumped evolution for those who can't do the math or haven't visited

Current predictions have a cure for many cancers being found within 20 years. This time frame is based on new findings in genomics. What if a cure for HIV/AIDS is found? What happens to God's punishment on the wicked? Perhaps it wasn't severe enough, and a newer more threatening menace will arise. You might hear a minister say that a cure for AIDS will never be found. However, gene therapies already exist for several diseases. I think it is only a matter of time before the dominoes begin to fall. In the current generation all these things will come to pass :)

Did God do it? Did your local pastor/evangelist/prophet/apostle/HWA walk into a hospital and clear the beds? As fallible as the medical profession is we can compare stats on those who lived and those who died. We can't do that with religious healers because they refuse to submit themselves to measurement. That would insult God they say. Even Jesus could not heal when non-believers were in the house--they were put out. Can you imagine a physicist saying, "I can prove that this experiment works, only if those that question my methods and results are put out of the room." Would you send your child to that school?

You send your child to that church.

Do something worthwhile with your PC. Find a grid project and contribute to humanity.



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