Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Is there really such a thing as a closed system in nature? I am not sure, but HWA and his followers attempted to create one based on their perception of a God-given government. That's giving them the benefit of the doubt that their system was created with honest intentions in mind. We should not be so certain.

They failed. The result was total system failure with bits being blown in all directions. Some landed in Texas, some in Oklahoma, and some in other parts of the world. Much like a virus, the organization attempted to copy itself. However, the growth rate of the original organization was not repeated and the explosive results were quicker, but less violent. Last week an LCG member murdered 7 people and turned the gun on himself. The virus turned inward.

How does one argue against a closed religious system? It will not submit itself to scientific scrutiny. It will not subject itself to periodic reviews of leadership or policy. The books are closed even to supporters. Alternate views of theology are heretic and discarded. Reading alternate books and articles is flirting with disaster. Warning: Lake of Fire Ahead.

Humans are imperfect and live in a material universe. We are subject to the laws of nature. The systems humans create need constant care and correction. We are continually discovering things about ourselves and our universe that seemed totally unknowable just a few decades into the past. The COG way was bent on self-destruction from the start. Just like any other system claiming perfection and being imperfect at its core. God did not save it, HWA did not save it. No amount of prophets or apostles will keep it alive.


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When you read HWA's 1939 Good News defence of not sending tithes and offerings to COG7, you see he had a much better undestanding then of God's government than later. The mans style corporation you see later which started with Nimrod. God"s system is closed system it is the "body of Christ". It has one head - Jesus Christ - all the members are members all one level of that one body under Christ. All are kings and priest. A Royal priesthood, a chosen
people the children of God future brothers and sisters of Christ.

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