Friday, April 01, 2005

Testing the Prophets

The door to eternity is about to open for Pope John Paul II. The Catholic leader has received his Last Rites according to news reports. Sheeple are gathing around the world to pray for their leader. We will see if God intervenes.

COG leaders such as Gerald Flurry have long predicted that the next Pope will be the final Pope leading Europe into the Trib. They claim that the EU will invade the Middle East and catch "Israelite" nations e.g. US, Britain and its former colonies in a surprise nuclear attack. Those of us who survive will suffer slavery, starvation and death.

This is punishment from God on those of us who have not followed his ways. They also teach that "the world" has not been given the Holy Spirit and cannot follow His ways and cannot even understand His ways. So God is killing people for not understanding things He has made them incapable of understanding. Ahhh, makes so much sense now doesn't it?

Let's watch history unfold and compare the predictions with the results.

Keep the Heat On
Mr. Asbestos


Blogger matchingtracksuits said...

The "sheeple" comment belies an underlying anti-Catholic bias. Am I correct?

2:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Pope's death is a terrible loss for humanity. What a great warrior he was for freedom, the suffering, the aflicted and for righteousness.

5:11 PM  
Blogger cogcritic said...

I didn't read the "sheeple" comment as anti-Catholic. Anti-unquestioning faith maybe. I don't think it matters if you're Catholic, Anglican or whatever. Even COG :-) If believers aren't open and critical in their faith then "sheeple" fits nicely.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Asbestos said...

I am not anti-Catholic. cogcritic has it right. I spent many years accepting generalities such as those mentioned by "anonymous". Keep questioning and do not give others undue control over your life.
The Pope was the head of an organization with considerable resources and influence. Warrior for freedom and suffering? How many children that are sex-slaves in Asia did he free? How many AIDS deaths in Africa did he prevent? Righteousness? How do we define that objectively?

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for my late comment. Only now I saw this article.

Flurry claiming the next pope is the False Prophet? I like to laugh to my heart's content. It is Flurry and all those HWA cohorts who are the false prophets. They just don't know their Bibles. And God chose not to reveal His secrets to them.

I am no pope fan. But Flurry didn't know what he is talking about. Such talks and beliefs is based on Irish monk prophecy, St. Malachy to be exact. No it isn't the next pope according to this Irish monk. Flurry doesn't know how to count, or he just doesn't know that the Catholics themselves do believe that a coming pope is going to be the False Prophet. It is the one after Pope John Paul II's successor (the current Pope Benedict) whom the Catholics believe as the coming False Prophet. Here is one link - that clarifies that Catholics do believe one pope is going to rise as the False Prophet spoken of in the Bible.

Actually, the prophecies of St. Malachy are just short prophetic announcements, 112 prophetic verses in number, supposed to be noticeable traits of future popes beginning from Celestine II elected in 1130. The prophetic character traits and their links to the succession of popes are also listed in the site that I earlier cited. According to this prophecy, the current pope is the second to the last, and described as Gloria Olivae (Glory of the Olives). Olives of course is the insignia of the Benedictine order. The current pope didn't come from the Benedictine Order but chose to be named Pope Benedict.

Anyway, the prevailing view today is that these popish prophecies are eleborate forgeries probably perpetuated by school of Jesuits inthe 1600's. Commentators over the centuries have pointed out that there is nothing that says there will be no popes between Gloria Olivae (the current one) and Petrus Romanus (the last pope, prophecied to be the False Prophet).

Flurry may be in for a disappointment that the present pope is no False Prophet, and even the successor of the present one. He keeps on looking at the wrong direction and at the wrong person.

The False Prophet is clearly indicated to be Babylon. For all the interpretations that Rome is modern day inheritor of Babylonish systems, this is nothing but Greek philosophical interpretation of the Scriptures.

Flurry, like the rest of HWA cohorts are nothing but false prophets, pinpointing at a false person and at a false institution as the prophecied end-time False Prophet. He is just quoting Bible interpretations based on Greek philosophical thought.

God chose not to reveal these things to Flurry. For us, it is best to keep our mouth shut, look at world events, see how they unfold. And in time, we will know rather than speculate like False Prophet Flurry just who is the False Prophet spoken of in the book of Revelation. Keeping an open mind rather than having a one-track- mind about certain personalities spoken of in the Bible to rise in the last days is the best option.

It is best to tell God we don't know who is this False Prophet; and in time He will reveal to us who.

4:32 PM  

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