Friday, March 25, 2005

Theological Thermodynamics

Such a fitting topic for the Lake of Fire blog. Theological Thermodynamics.

Dr. Jeffery Fall writes the following paragraph on the LCG web site.

"God’s intention is that you receive this powerful spirit body, no longer subject to the second law of thermodynamics. But, God knows for you to be happy and fulfilled, as such a powerful spirit being, it isn’t enough to simply change your body, your mind must also be changed. Your mind needs to be fully trained in the way of peace and harmony and outgoing concern. What good would it be if one lived forever and yet had an angry, rebellious, miserable state of mind? Who would want to be miserable forever? God wants you to demonstrate in your life now that God’s way of life works for you, that you can fully apply His spiritual laws and be happy. God will not allow anyone to live forever escaping His physical law of thermodynamics until they have demonstrated they will follow His spiritual laws. Are you interested? Please request your free copy of our booklet, Your Ultimate Destiny.
This is Jeffrey Fall with commentary for the Living Church of God. "

Just in case you are a bit rusty on your physics the following site has an easy to read description of the Second Law.

Nothing like throwing in some pseudo-science with the weekly sermon. Appeals to the intellectual vanity of the experts in the crowd. Need I mention Compendium? For now we will pass over all of the "God knows" and "God wants". Who really knows? He kills the good, he kills the bad, babies and innocent animals. How can a person tell whether they are in the good books or heading to the Lake?

Unfortunately Dr. Fall doesn't actually explain how the laws of thermodynamics do not apply to God or other heavenly beings. We cannot validate his claims with repeatable experiments and observations. Unfortunately, that leaves me to conclude that he is BS-ing. Sorry Dr., that's a load of caca.

I know that people today demand answers. I have scoured the Net to meet the educational needs of my readers and I have located a real gem. Some of you are losing sleep at night wondering, "just what is the Lake of Fire really like?" Here it is. A site that actually calculates the temperature of the Lake of Fire based on official Biblical forecasting. Looks like it is quite a bit greater than 525 degrees C. The bad news for the born again crowd: it would appear that Heaven itself is 525 degrees C.

Keep the heat on,
Mr. Asbestos


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The more you stay at LCG, the more you become angry, rebellious, and miserable. The LCG, as remnant of HWA church heritage, is nothing but a bunch of sexually repressed people. Of course there are many people remaining there. We can't blame them. That is their comfort zone.

One day, they will wake up and realize, theirs wasn't the truth afterall. And all those other remnants of HWA's WCG are neither in the truth. God has given us a mind to think. These LCG insiders should know that their leadership is just parroting HWA teachings. They are incapable of any new understanding.

Yeah, I agree with you that they are just using human intellectual vanity to appeal to their readers. This thermodynamic whatever and its relation to spiritual body and spiritual life is nothing but baloney. In reality, they haven't offered mankind anything intellectually new ever since HWA days. It is just the same static knowledge they have. God hasn't revealed a thing to them. They are just recycling these supposed to be truths (but actually untruths) with new coatings.

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