Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bring a Towel

C'mon everyone, we're heading to the Lake. The Lake of Fire that is. Bring your snorkel and your beach towel. Don't forget the sunblock.

I created this blog after reading about the events surrounding the murder of 7 LCG members plus the suicide of the killer on Ambassador Watch. This is a great site championing accountability in the COG community.

I was irritated over the response from those claiming the incident was some part of a divine plan. God is trying to show the rest of us Firewalkers that the Living Church of God is the chosen group to lead us in the New Millennium. If only we would wake up and "get it". Sure hope Gerry doesn't get his Prophetic cape in a knot. I can just see him hugging Herb's rock now for moral support.

What if we still don't listen? We will be more severely spanked. Next will be Houston, Boston, New York or perhaps London England. Whole cities will be destroyed unless we admit Herbert Armstrong was the Elijah, and come to submit to the glorious will of Rod Meredith.

That's heavy stuff.

I am dedicating this blog to those 7 people who died. I do not intend to change the world, but to add my voice to combat spiritual deception and abuse. Reason over blind faith. Questions rather than The Answer.

Mr. Asbestos


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What - are you doing Gaven out of a job. He's provided the best avenue and outlet and exchange post ever.

Perhaps some fire and brimstone pictures and talking heads to liven up your site.

4:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a former WCG and a fan of Gavin's and now your website. I'm also an English major, and if you will forgive my corrections, they are only being made in the spirit of making your site as credible as possible. In the latest one on the "Government of God," you refer to the current WCG's government as what "keeps you and I ..." (should read "keeps you and me ...") and Joe Tkach and his merry men are not the benefactors of decades of giving, (would that they were) they are the benficiaries.

Love your site and do keep the heat on! No need to post this.

Kathleen Kakacek

6:30 AM  

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