Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Risking it all in Milwaukee

Ella Frazier was a soul looking for answers when she stumbled onto a Worldwide Church of God radio commentary in the early 1960s.

She liked what she heard, started attending services, met her future husband at a church festival and never looked back. Today, at 61, the Milwaukee woman is a devout follower happy to send a good chunk of her income to the national headquarters to help grow the flock of the small Living Church of God, an offshoot of the Worldwide Church.
"It's the only way to get the Gospel to spread," said Frazier of funds that support the church's worldwide TV and radio ministry.
Frazier, along with her daughter, Chandra, survived the murder-suicide massacre at a Living Church of God service in Brookfield this month. The shootings, she said, were one more sign of Satan's work in a world marred by conflict and war.
Her faith is unshaken, and she will stay with the church. Leaving would mean risking final salvation, she said.
"You will end up in the lake of fire," she said.

Taken from the Journal Sentinel Online


Blogger Ed Gundrum said...

It is very sad that many people are held captive in religions and philosophies that use fear to keep them from leaving. The leaders keep a tight hold on those who are fearful of condemnation if they question doctrine or leave the organization.
What angers me is leaders will use tragic events like the church shootings in Wisconsin to prove to the members they control that Satan is tring to distroy their organization. Unfortunatly many believe that instead of questioning if the organization they belong to is healthy and a good organization to be a part of. The shootings in Brookfield intensify my belief that the Living Church of God is a very unhealthy organization to be a part of and it is headed by self serving leaders. My advice to anyone in this group or similar groups is to leave. You will be much better off, and you will get your life back.

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed, I truly agree that the killing evidently shows that the Living Church of God is a very and extremely unhealthy organization to be part of. Yeah, those members should leave.

The question is where to go. The problem is that the leadership of these COGs have conditioned the members that you must join a church to be saved. Where in the Bible is that? There is no truth that leaving any church organization would mean risking salvation. God says no one can stand between us and Him. That means no church leader, and no humanly organized church organization can separate us from the love of God.

These people who refuse to leave COG groups are not reading their Bibles. They are just relying on what their leaders are saying. They allow Meredith or Flurry to stand between them and God. I wouldn't be surprised these people end up in what they fear most - the tribulation and the lake of fire! Simply because they are gullible enough to take human words as the ultimate. Yes, God will send them to great tribulation and to the lake of fire for disbelieving God and believing Meredith, Flurry, and all the other similar religious personalities.

What an irony. Ella Frazier thinks that salvation is only in the Living Church of God. She is putting herself in a great curse from God for allowing a man like Meredith to stand between her and God. Meredith is never called of God. He doesn't have understanding of the Bible. He is just a parrot who quotes HWA teachings and other scholarly works. I am willing to bet all my fingers including my penis - Meredith is not, cannot be called of God. The more Ella Frazier couldn't be saved because she believes that staying in the Living Church of God saves rather than believing in Christ. No wonder, when Christ comes, He will be very angry because of people like Ella Frazier. Yeah, the book of Revelation says, people are unrepentant in spite of the series of catastrophes that come upon mankind. Ella Frazier is perhaps one of these unrepentant people for continuing to believe in the church rather than in Christ.

You want God to show you the way. Throw all your beliefs and read and believe only the Bible. If it is not in the Bible - like for instance there is no salvation outside of the Living Church of God - throw it. It is garbage teaching and a garbage belief. All these people who believe these kind of stuff will end up outside the Kingdom of God, whatever that kingdom means. After all, only Ella Frazier and not the Bible who says that by leaving the Church of the Living God, she ends up in the lake of fire. I'm least surprised if it is the opposite. By staying in that church group or Flurry's group, or any other COG group, we end up in the lake of fire.

10:28 PM  

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