Thursday, March 24, 2005

Words of a Fool

"And while these reports appear to be true, I would like to make a few observations about how the Red Lake shooting is being handled in the media compared to how some in it handled the Ratzmann incident.
As far as I have been able to tell:
1) No one is calling the Red Lake tribe a cult
2) No one is interviewing people who have a known bias against the Red Lake tribe
3) No one is asking members of the Red Lake tribe if they will leave it now
4) No one is asking why bother with psychiatric help or medications as they did not prevent this--even though the shooter was known to have made threats to carry this out
5) No one is asking for an investigation into the beliefs of the Red Lake tribe
6) No one is asking what each teacher taught that might have set the shooter off
7) No one is intentionally providing misleading information about the Red Lake tribe"

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The thoughts expressed above border on the idiotic. I am not sure who the writer is trying to convince. It would seem that the comments are addressed to someone already deeply in De Nile. (Thanks Dennis)

COGs are hell-bent on the Apocalyse. Their way of life is to be separate from society. They claim to be in the pre-saviour stage doing their best to warn a dying world that just won't listen. Poor us. If we would only tithe to an Apostle or a Prophet or a washed up Evengelist maybe there would be some hope in our future. In fact their theology claims that we are incapable of listening because we have not received a special calling. If you think that sounds like obtuse reasoning stay tuned. I'm just scratching the surface.

Why would the media or any other right-thinking person ask probing, doubt-casting questions to the poor, misunderstood, unappreciated LCG? Should the public be ashamed for bringing to light the doings of the many mini-Herbs claiming apostolic succession? NO WAY. We ask questions because these groups have been ruining lives since the day they were founded. And their ancestors ruined lives before them.

Sorry COGwriter, if your fearless leader wants to be an apostle or lead spokesman for God on earth then he'd better be able to step out and face humanity. He might enjoy living in the real world for a while.

Mr. Asbestos


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The man doth protest too much! When someone has to go on the defensive, it immediately raises suspicions about what he/she is denying. I like your blog. Keep it up. BTW, not all COGs are apocalyptic - Living is way out there in the eyes of many of the rest of us, along with Flurry and the other fringers. My advice: if you want to really know who and what God is about, read your Bible. Humans have human agendas, which include pride, vanity, greed, and lust for power. Much of what we see in the leadership of all the COGs is a mirror of the same things we fight every day in ourselves. So, we should never look to humans to be all, know all, fix all. Only God and Christ can do that.

4:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, to know God, read the Bible not the explanation of Bible verses by Meredith, Flurry, and others. They just parrot HWA's explanations which are unBiblical and copied elsewhere rather than revelation from God Himself. (Although they claim to have God's revelation . . . ha ha ha ha!) They are not really called by God contrary to what they claim themselves to be. No wonder, they act as they are because the truth is simply not in them.

People stay in COGs because that is their comfort zone. If you are really determined to obey God and overcome pride, vanity, greed, lust - you don't need any of these COGs. Yeah, only look to God and Christ - not to any church group in between. There is really no room for any COGs to stand between you and God.

In a way it is true that much of what we have seen in COGs is a mirror of the same things we fight everyday in ourselves. This is because this is the culture that COGs breeds.

These church groups are but just a bunch of cults! They don't really have the truth and the spirit of God.

If you want God to give you the Holy Spirit and protect you from catastrophes of the Book of Revelation - leave the COGs. Face God alone rather than hide in the COGs skirt. No church group on this planet can save you. Only Christ can.

9:14 PM  

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