Saturday, March 26, 2005

Spanky the Exhalted Rod of Correction

Just when I was about to turn my focus to other issues there seems to be more happening on the LCG front. Don Haney dared to breathe some fresh air and spent some time free thinking. Retribution was swift and the Rod of Correction was quick to
separate such a dangerous man from the flock. A letter was written by the apostle in waiting detailing a long list of sins on the part of Mr. Haney. I have summarized them as follows.

Personal attacks
Causing Division
Being the tool of Satan as Satan tries to discredit and confuse God's people (twice)
Going public
Not being a Team Player (I think he stole this from Dilbert)
Trash-talking the brass
Having unusual ideas
Making accusations
Being Satan-like (again)
Making accusations behind the backs of the brass
Causing Division (again)

Meredith quotes a letter from an enlightened member which states,
"I believe this letter [Haney's] to be a direct attack by Satan, and am quite sure that Mr. Haney has absolutely no idea what he does. Neither at the time I'm sure did Terry Ratzmann—which tragedy Mr. Haney is using as a platform to promote his own theories, and self-promotional opinions."

Meredith concurs with, "Dear brethren, the above letter certainly spells out the true nature of this situation." He then sums up with the following conclusion, "So any of you who follow this misguided man will soon find yourself in a "blind alley." You will end up in a tiny little group— cut off from having an effective part in the very Work Jesus Christ is doing in these last days. You will demonstrate to God—and to the loyal brethren—that you are able to be easily deceived and turned aside even over comparatively small issues."

Tiny, ineffective group? Perhaps Meredith should reconsider that statement given that a billion or more other Christians are celebrating Easter this weekend.

The strategy being used here has been around for about as long as humans have divided themselves into groups. Each group has cherished opinions, customs, Truths or skin colors that set it apart from other groups. History seems to show that only rarely do those in control decide to share authority.

The LCG form or government sounds all too oppressively familiar.

Group's leader: often aggressive male type either physically or psychologically threatening
Group members: in general agreement with group leader for reasons that work for them
Group's customs: beliefs or traits that make people feel special and set apart from other groups

What happens if someone in the group causes a stir? Someone stands up and says, "Hey. Why am I living in a trailer park eating pure beef Spam while the Grand Poobah is flying around the world in a private jet at my expense?"

Grand Poobah gets really riled at someone pushing at his cheese. He likes the control and the high living. Grand Poobah must therefore create a great threatening display of anger perhaps involving the waggling of jowels, finger shaking or Bible thumping. A few quoted verses from the sacred writings of the group are also helpful. The stiree is labeled with many anti-group names to make that person threatening and undesirable. Sometimes that person is offered a chance to humble herself before the group and remain a member with lesser standing.

In severe cases where the stiree has caused a greaaaat fuss such has not been from the beginning of the...(sorry flashback)...that person is said to have a daemon. Or in the worst of cases is in fact Satan's mouthpiece.

This scenario plays itself out all too often and sometimes results in witches being burned or heretics parted with their inner organs. In modern times burning at the stake is illegal except maybe in Texas. The outcast is left to suffer the psychological burden of a fate worse than death--the Second Death. Yes, friends. The Lake of Fire.

Keep the Heat On,

Mr. Asbestos


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The style of the "lady writer" is so similar to RCM that ... well, dare I even express the thought? ...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rod has to spend less time watching his Plasma Television at home while looking at his wall to wall Self-Portrait in his bedroom and look to CHRIST the savior of not only the CHURCH but the entire WORLD. Trust me on my research.


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