Monday, March 28, 2005

We're all Dupes

Meanwhile, down on the compound Gerry the Rockin' Prophet has unleashed another editorial in this month's Trumpet.

In the article Gerry utters, "We learn nothing from history. The “endless repetition” of catastrophes will continue until we become victims. That is what happens to dupes!"

Seems a little harsh. Perhaps a dog wandered too near the prayer rock that day.

Gerry covers a topic familiar to his readers. The warning message of Winston Churchill. Flurry often draws comparisons between himself and Churchill. Winston Churchill was called to save the Israelite countries, Flurry has a mission that has much more universe-shaping potential and comes with its own compound. Perhaps when the Trib draws nigh Gerry will don his hat and coat and start quoting Napolean. According to That Prophet the end should be around 2010. Though I am not sure if he means The End, Last End, Final End, Final Hour or Last Second. We will know when we see Herb coming in the Millennium Falcon to swoop Gerry off to Petra. In case you haven't heard, backing Gerry is your ticket to Petra.

One of the things that irks me with Flurry's message is that he seems to be itching for an all-out war. Time after time he berates America and Britain for being soft on, well, everybody. They've lost the pride of their power. Won their last war. Won't use their power. Scared to fight. No real men left. Leaving Iraq too soon. Need to teach Iran a lesson. Then at the end he closes with, "Thankfully, this is all leading directly to a peaceful and happy civilization. “It is darkest just before the dawn.” Thank God the sun is about to rise in this dark and evil world."

Seems to be saying that he wishes the US would blast "the Gentiles" from the planet. But he is willing to accept a compromise. Either the EU will take care of the situation or JC and the boys will clean house. Either way Gerry gets his body count.

Don't look for death Gerry. Enjoy life. Be kind to a stranger. Sponsor a child. Make a compassionate difference in this world. Maybe that will prepare you for the next one you so dearly long for.

Keep the Heat On,
Mr. Asbestos


Anonymous Randy said...

I heard Gerry on his telecast the a week ago explainly (rather poorly and disjointedly) that the 2300 days in Daniel 11 is about Flurry and his group. Living proof of the fact this man is full of himself to the point of delusion.

2Tim.3: 13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Asbestos said...

I have heard this claim several years ago in an edition of Royal Vision. He picks an arbitrary date, manufactures a significant event around it, and then shoe-horns the rest into place.

1:42 PM  

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