Monday, June 13, 2005

The Branch

Somewhere in the long list of appropriated titles for Gerry the Rockin' Prophet must be The Branch. For he has certainly crawled out onto a limb, and the axe is being sharpened.

Ambassador Watch noted an ESN article ( discussing a recent sermon tirade by Flurry. Those of us who are familiar with the PCG know that Gerry and company are defenders of God's Truth against a really, really mad Satan. According to Flurry, Satan knows his time is short and he is really irate. He is furious mainly with God's church, the WCG and its offshoots of course, and secondarily with Israel (primarily the US and British Commonwealth nations, and the remaining modern 12 tribes). So Satan is inspiring his church, the Catholic Church, and his own commonwealth, the EU, to smash Israel and persecute the Church of God.

Flurry is a prophet sent by God Himself to warn physical and spiritual Israel. His supporters are guaranteed a place of safety in Petra while the world fights a deadly nuclear war followed by Christ's return. Flurry contends that the PCG's work will lead a Great Multitude to repentance. Flurry also claims that his followers will be leaders and teachers in the World Tomorrow, and be universe rulers after the Millennium. Pretty good reward for a little misery in this current life.

And believe me, Flurry's Church is miserable. I spent some time there and only met one person that I would call happy with his spiritual surroundings. I would also call him dangerously delusional. And annoying.

Flurry teaches that the only way God can reach a stubborn humanity is to allow it to progress to the brink of destruction, and then intervene with force and capital punishment. Peace will flow from death and martial law. The lion will lay down with the lamb, unless there is a law against inter-species fraternization. If so, they will be barbequed and served at the Feast. He also preaches racial segregation for the good of humanity.

I have to admit that if an angry super-being appeared near me and started melting fellow humans I would take notice. I wouldn't offer any back-talk. But can't a reasonable person ask: "Why would an all-powerful, all-wise and loving being do this to his children?" This description seems more like Sauron (Lord of the Rings) or The Emperor, Dark Lord of the Sith (Star Wars) than an all-knowing, all-loving God of mercy and charity. "Gee Fred, I know you kept all of the other 9 commandments, but you were working down at the nursing home on Saturday's when you should have been listening to ol' Gerry over there." ZZZAP! Try the second resurrection I guess.

We will never really know whether Gerry takes all of this seriously or not. Some people get in so deep that they start believing their own tall tales after a while. They also motivate others to do the same. But with Gerry the branch keeps growing and growing, and so does his anger. Anger at a world that just won't listen to him and makes him feel unimportant. I believe that he really does want God to punish this evil world because it has inflicted so much pain in his life. He was an outcast suffering from the pain of having an alcoholic father. Herbert Armstrong provided an opportunity for Gerry to be someone. Someone with admirers and respect. We see that taking on new proportions: minister, pastor general, That Prophet, King, Future Ruler of the Universe and member of the God family.

Have pity on this man, but don't give him power over your life.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear KTHO, Interesting perspective on Gerald's ideas and how they related to Star Wars. Did you see his TV program last Sunday? He was talking about exactly that. "Star Wars" . Makes me wonder just how bazaar he is willing to get. Thanks for your inside views, I have loved ones at Edmond working for the PCG and am grateful for any information I can find about what they are being told to believe. Keep it up. Sincerely, Eileen

6:28 PM  
Blogger Asbestos said...

Thanks for commenting Eileen. I did not see the show, but that was a strange irony for him to make that reference. I am not on the inside any more, but I think I can offer both the inside and outside perspective now. Maybe I will write in a future post on how my mind change came about.

11:56 AM  
Blogger wanttoknow said...

to asbestos,I was just searching for info on G.Flurrys teachings recently - because some family members of mine have been members of PCG for a several years now and recently one of them has told us that they want absolutely no more contact with us and have cutt ALL TIES with us( meaning all family not in PCG)- and naturally that has worried us greatly. We are concerned for their total well being as well as their spiritual well being.Most of our family are in various COG's currently and have roots in WWCG before the 86 split. I consider PCG to be a cultish group who spend a lot of time trying to keep their members in the dark about what gos on inside PCG and well as what really goes on outside PCG amoung Gods people. Recently PCG literally pulled all the audio and video tapes from all brethren homes including those scattered brethren who cannot attend services.This happened to my one family members who is a PCG member. WHAT IS HAPPENING THERE AND WHY? What happened? What has Flurrey been preaching? Can you or anyone inform us?Where can we find info on the net? Can you send us info via email? I know that when a person cuts ALL ties with family members it is considered a serious warning signal that the group is a cult and serious problems could arise bringing harm to the members therein. Could PCG be already listed as a possible threat as a known cult by the CIA or another govermental agency who watches thier activities? We would appreciate any help or insight.
sincerely, wanttoknow

8:41 PM  
Blogger Asbestos said...

wanttoknow: I wasn't totally sure by your post whether you were well versed in "Armstrongism" or not so I added a post called Flurry 101 that gives a brief background. I've also added some insight for you and others about what may be going on there. Unfortunately there are only a very few who really know what is going on there on a daily basis. I am not one of those and I won't waste your time pretending.
However, I have heard some discuss that Flurry's motives around removing sermons were related to fears of his rantings getting released to the press in the wake of the Living Church of God shootings in Milwaukee.
It is not typical for members to cut ties with family unless they are being "persecuted" (their description) or unless the family is in another COG that is viewed as a threat.
Having said that, some individuals and ministers may be more isolationist than others.
In general, what's going on there is that Flurry is trying to isolate and indoctrinate his followers.
Don't back away, keep talking to your family. Unless Flurry has totally re-written his doctrine there is nothing preventing people from talking. Promise not to discuss religion if you must, but don't give up.

8:01 PM  

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