Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Going Round in Circles

Apostle come-lately, Big Dave Pack deserves some attention. Big Dave has been spouting his wisdom for several years now. He seems to have a small cottage industry built up around publishing his ideas on divine truth. One day he decided it was time to take it up a notch. Dave wasn't satisfied being a minister or a plain old servant of God's people. His flock was growing and they needed someone to really admire. Titles are important in some COGs, social standing, and God's approval are paramount. The Restored Church needed someone who stood head and shoulders above the other splintermeisters, prophets and leading evangelists. It was time for Dave to be God's leading man on the earth. An Apostle was born.

In a sermon posted on the RCG web site Dave states that those in God's church have protection from being killed. This statement is in response to the multiple-murders of several LCG members in Milwaukee.

First of all, notice the implication of this type of logic. Pack is saying in effect, "Those people were killed in that other church. God protects those in the true church. Therefore that church was not the true church. Our's is. You are in the right place people." Keep sending those tithes.

In contrast, I remember reading of many, many murders, everyone from lay members, right up to the Boss Himself outlined in your own Bible. The history of the "true church" as published by the WCG also repeated this theme, seemingly as a sign of righteousness.

Big Dave is repeating a formula used by would-be religious manipulators everywhere.
X is true, we believe X, therefore we are true believers. Unfortunately, not everyone is great at BS detection. You have to be mature and work hard at determining whether X is true or not. Some are just looking to belong, and belonging to a group with special divine stature, and it's own Apostle...well, you could do a lot worse, couldn't you?

Could get you killed my friends.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am tired of these preachers who claim to lead people into the truth. It is just another case of blind leading the blind. Cultists! Yeah, preachers will continue to get blind followers. These blind followers are seeking NOT THE THRUTH but simply their comfort zone. Been there before. I thank God for opening my mind.

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