Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The smoke rose, the bells rang and the crowd cheered, "Benedict, Benedict!" Ratzinger is now Pope. Good for him, bad for those tired of hearing the continuous flow of Anti-EU/Catholic pronouncements coming from Herbal offshoots over the past decades. I recall Gerald Flurry taking particular notice of Ratzinger in a past issue of the Trumpet. His German roots and his office of the "Holy Inquisition" play well into Flurry's prophetic insights.

Flurry won't be the only one yammering about the new Pope. John Paul II was just too old and feeble to be a convincing anti-Christ. He wasn't quite mean enough. Ratzinger has star potential. Sharp-minded, Germanic roots, EU friendly and a staunch conservative. Just the type to lead the world into a humanity-ending holocaust. Well, that's what a littany of writers will be saying as every event in Europe and beyond is associated with a Vatican/EU conspiracy.

Money will be required--lots and lots of money. The warning must be intensified, the message must go to Israel. Send in your cheque. The end/last end/final end/last hour/Bag End is nigh. The 9 Riders have gone forth in search of the Ring. Oh wait, I am mixing my metaphors again. Satan has intensified his attack as never before. Only those who will escape will understand and heed. You are one of those chosen to escape. Don't delay, don't disobey. Pray and Pay.

Save your money for popcorn. You'll need it while watching CNN's coverage of the Great Escape to Petra.


Friday, April 01, 2005

Testing the Prophets

The door to eternity is about to open for Pope John Paul II. The Catholic leader has received his Last Rites according to news reports. Sheeple are gathing around the world to pray for their leader. We will see if God intervenes.

COG leaders such as Gerald Flurry have long predicted that the next Pope will be the final Pope leading Europe into the Trib. They claim that the EU will invade the Middle East and catch "Israelite" nations e.g. US, Britain and its former colonies in a surprise nuclear attack. Those of us who survive will suffer slavery, starvation and death.

This is punishment from God on those of us who have not followed his ways. They also teach that "the world" has not been given the Holy Spirit and cannot follow His ways and cannot even understand His ways. So God is killing people for not understanding things He has made them incapable of understanding. Ahhh, makes so much sense now doesn't it?

Let's watch history unfold and compare the predictions with the results.

Keep the Heat On
Mr. Asbestos