Friday, January 13, 2006

New Year's Predictions

The New Year has been rung in, many are working on their resolutions. Some at the PCG are considering revolutions instead.

"This year could bring major changes to the Middle East. The most dramatic will likely involve the Jews losing East Jerusalem—an event to watch for as Israeli elections approach in March."

The above quote is taken from As always the language is unclear. Every veiled prediction is qualified with words such as likely and could. Hardly language fitting for a prophet.

The staff here at the Lake has been sweating over our predictions for the New Year. It hasn't been easy, we do not put ourselves in the prophet or apostle class. Any predictions we make have only a bare chance probability of coming true.

Top 10 Predictions for 2006

1)Conflict in the Middle East will continue, including Iraq, and the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

2)Religious people all over the world will pray that God will wipe out their foes and restore true government and true religion to the earth. These people will continue to live isolated, non-charitible lives. Some will kill themselves in an attempt to please God. Men, not God will administer the required teachings.

3)Disease will continue in the world, killing millions this coming year. AIDS, malaria, influenza, TB and other diseases will top the list.

4)Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and other natural weather patterns will occur.

5)Herbert W. Armstrong is dead for 20 years waiting for the resurrection.

6)The retirement fund of those left holding the bag at ex-WCG will continue to grow.

7)Dave Pack will buy several new suits and continue to brag about being God's man with The Plan. He will unleash several tirades against the opponents of God's Work.

8)For some people God's Plan will be vividly clear.

9)For some people God will continue to be a mystery.

and finally,

10)Gerald Flurry, in an attempt to trump Dave Pack will elevate himself to the status of a god, taking on the new name Dagon of the Philistine Church of God.

Have a happy and prosperous 2006.


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