Friday, December 16, 2005

Holiday Poetry

The holiday season is upon us and it seems that all the best sites are featuring poetic pieces. So, I have put together a little something I'd like to call...

Twas the Week Before a COG Christmas (with apologies to everyone)
Twas the week before Christmas
From the North to the South
The Prophets were crying,
"A pox on your house"

Gerry and Rod, Dave and yes Ted
He's still on the air
Yet he's definitely quite dead

Elijah has come, Elijah has gone
For twenty long years
He's been under the lawn

Faster than eagles
On wings he once flew
No Christmas for him
Nor Stan Rader, the Jew

Tsunamis still roll
Earthquakes still clatter
Apostles and Prophets know what is the matter

The Lord will descend in five
Maybe ten
The trumpet will sound at Armageddon

We're in the Last Hour
Last Minute, Last Tick
Last year for a parcel
From Jolly Saint Nick

So if you're out on the town
and spy a man in a suit
Briefcase in hand
and shiny new boots

White hair like the snow
His manner quite merry
And yes he does glow,
Nose red from the sherry

It's only a flashback
a dream or a spoof
Just like the man that comes
from the roof.

Happy Holidays.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ambassador Watch is gone for good, if no one noticed:

One person is spreading the theory that it is the result of some Dirty Tricks:

8:35 PM  

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