Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Message from your Future Leader

The following quote is from a person with the truth of God.

"Firstly, you may believe that HWA was a charlatan, but if we push that belief to its logical conclusion, it'd mean that you, I, and the thousands out there in cog-land were never called by God. For God does NOT call people to follow charlatans. This is not to say that HWA did not make mistakes, and lack understanding in doctrine and procedure. But the same is true of you and me. Yet we don't see ourselves as charlatans. Or do we?

Secondly, when it comes to the bible, I don't have any opinions. For an opinion is only the ignorance we express when we don't know the truth. If know the truth, why would we need opinions? Finally, it is said that imitation is the best form of flattery, provided of course we understand what we are saying."

It's this kind of short-circuited reasoning that traps many immature and unsettled people. Take apart the first paragraph, you get the assumption: "God does NOT call people to follow charlatans." The writer is sure that he knows what God does, and how God thinks and acts.

Also, is it possible that you or I were never called by God? Yes, it is at least equally possible one way or the other. Actually, coggish reasoning would have the probability of being called much lower than not being called given that "Satan has deceived the whoooooolllle world." How many times have you heard that one.

Making mistakes and not knowing correct procedures does not define charlatanism. The speaker is trying to dodge the real issue by throwing something else out to confuse the real matter at hand. Someone duped by a person perpetrating a fraud is not guilty of the fraud. This should be obvious. The people duped by HWA are not charlatans. Co-conspirators (ministers, evangelists, other henchmen) would be.

Beware of humans pretending to know the absolute truth. They have killed many millions of people. Claiming to know "the truth" about anything is a flawed human endeavor. We should not be too smug; reality sometimes proves us wrong a few hundred years down the line. In many cases these laws are good enough until something better comes along e.g. Newton's laws vs. Einstein's theories, God the Eternal vs Trinity vs Elohim.

As I have said before, religious zealots often get caught up in being right. They must be absolutely right in order to bolster their church's view of the world. To permit change is to admit failure. Failure in understanding what the church holds as truth. The implosion of the WCG shows us all what happens when a) you remove a tyrant b) you change church doctrine.

Ka-boom. Beware of falling tithes.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You couldn't have said it better - beware of humans pretending to know the absolute truth. Religious zealots are caught up in being absolutely right.

HWA is nothing but a charlatan. He is fraud. Those who remain with him hoping and anticipating that when Christ comes, HWA and those that follow him will rule with Christ for a thousand years - will have the biggest disappointment in all their lives. It is too late before they realize they have been duped. There will be gnashing of teeth.

Flurry and Meredith and all the others who follow HWA are nothing but False Prophets who have no understanding of Scriptures. They just parrot scholarly works. They don't even know the series of events and the major players that will dominate the world scene when Christ comes - although they pretend they do know with their false prophecies on Germany dominating the political landscape. It will be too late for these people who refuse to recognize HWA as a charlatan to make amends in their life . . . and beliefs. They are holding on the cards they think is ace or king. Yeah, it is indeed ace or king . . . but it is a fake card they are holding.

Wake up! The speaker is indeed telling the truth. HWA was a charlatan and the logical conclusion is that we were taken for a ride! Yes, we were never called by God and never been given true understanding. Yes, we are charlatans ourselves! We don't have the truth no matter how much we want to think we do.

Repent and humbly ask God to show us the way. And He would. But until we recognize we were taken for a ride and was duped and charlatans ourselves, do you think God will show us the true way?

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